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Roses. Language Of Flowers.

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Rose is the most popular flower in the world. Best selling on Valentine’s Day red roses became a must love & romance attribute nowadays.

Everybody knows that a red rose is for love and affection, but do you know what other rose colours may mean?

White rose is for purity and innocence, but it's also associated with new beginning and marriage.

Yellow rose is a symbol of friendship, so you can never be wrong with giving yellow roses to your friends or cubicle mates. Yellow rose also means joy and happiness and is a good way to send a cheerful message to someone.

Pink rose may hold various meanings. When you want to show your gratitude and appreciation, love and admiration, say 'thank you' simply pick up pink roses bouquet.

Quantity of roses in the bouquet may be an issue in some cultures. In many countries roses would be delivered in even number. A typical Valentine’s Day arrangement has one dozen red roses. In some cultures this would be percept as an insult or a bad sign. You don’t want to give 2 roses to someone from Russia, as 2 flowers would be used only at a funeral ceremony.

Style of arrangement may speak for you too. Heart-shaped arrangements of roses are for beloved ones, while simple hand-tied bouquets can be given to everyone no matter on what level you relate.

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